the color green

what is green? the grass is greenmoney is greenjealousy is greeni don't like green jelly beansi like lime green sherbetgreen is a pretty colorit's the center of ROY G BIVapparently, the heart chakra is also greenis love green?will i find a green glass love? (this is a thoroughly modern millie reference)Last Friday I participated in my first art installation piece ~ meaning it was up for about two hours before I took it down, leaving only rose petals behind.If you were anywhere near Strawberry Fields you probably saw a path of streamers...If you followed it, you were invited to interact and explore my exhibit which represented what "green" meant to me.It was a path to all the parts of love...(from my point of view)......including the bubbly, sparkly parts......and the times when it's a little more tangled.The piece really represented "self love", which I have learned is the most important. If you have this, everything else falls into place.My art piece was only the beginning. A guided mediation was led by Anthony, which encouraged participants to explore "giving" and "receiving" love through touch.There was music...dancing and meditation.It appeared quite peaceful from this point of view...**The event itself was new to me. It was really interesting, but fun. You had to let yourself go a bit, but once you did it was refreshing in a way. A bunch of strangers saying hello with a touch of a hand surrounded by the trees. It really provided a break from the city.There were many people involved, including dancers, artists, healing artists, musicians, and every day people walking by. It was hosted by TREeplays and the ID project.Concept and Direction by Kristen Schifferdecker of Red Novae.Thanks for letting me be part of such an interesting experience, and teaching me to let go a bit.

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