35 mm

I finally developed the film that had been waiting for me, and I remembered why I shouldn't neglect my film camera!It takes beautiful shots...and was the first camera I learned on!this is one of my favorite photos..tall**Last fall I went to Montauk.The sky was gray and it rained the entire time......but I did a lot of painting.birdsthinking of 11:11...1111and healing...overcoming heartbreakThe sea seemed so infinite...montaukbut the actual view was much grander...ocean_2I imagined a stampede of unicorns running to shore...like my favorite childhood movie, The Last Unicorn**It did clear up enough to take a walk...Have I ever told you that I love ditches?I think there are so many pretty colors...berry and cloverSometimes it takes a gray day to notice them..montauk_leafThe beach was filled with ocean treasures!stones_2shellpatternbig stickwood_2I decided hang out on this big stick...toesLooked at the sea through a different lens..focusI was annoyed with all of the cars just leaving their mark...tiresSo I found my own patch of sand...sand_2And decided to leave a little piece of me...sand_butterflyxo