Last week I wrote about a gray sunrise and morning light at 5:00 am.This weekend I watched a beautiful sunset around 8:oo pm.I started off on the roof...(7:45ish)rooftop...but I couldn't see the sunset through the buildings...rooftop2So I decided to chase the light...(8:00ish)sunsetI missed the sun, but stayed to watch the fading sky. (around 8:00)sunset3And it was beautiful.sunset2All of the subtle changes as each minute passed.sunset4skycottoncandyI found a bench to lie on and looked up at the cotton candy colors...sky2I also looked out...view...and thought about the sunrise across the world.sunset5I wondered what she was thinking as she looked out...girlThe first star looked so small in the big sky.firststarIt still had to compete with the light on the horizon.jerseylightsIt did get brighter ~ along with the lights of New Jersey.starandlightsTwo birds glided along the river and I decided to go back to the kitties.birdsatnightI wonder what the sunset looked like for all of you!