first weekend in june

I can't believe how fast this year is going!Here's how I spent my first weekend in June.Amy and I took a walk along the Riverside park.We had to walk under a big bridge to get there.bridgeAnd I found some pretty rust.rustAlong the river, I noticed lots of trash...styrofome...styrofoam that kind of looked like a fossil...trash...abandoned stick forts...stickfort...trunks of spilling amber...amber...and the cutest family in the world!geese2This little guy wanted to spread his wings~tryingtofly...while these guys wanted to geese...mommy and daddy supervised!geeseI'm also pretty sure that we found the lochness monster.lochness monsterBut there were much prettier things to look sparkly rocks and clovers..clover...trees full of berries.berries...and lots of flowers!riversideActually, this city is full of flowers.From the Upper West Side...candystripesTo Queens..queensAnd on 23 Street.23 street**On Sunday, Julian and I went to the Brooklyn Flea at this old bank.brooklyn fleaWe watched one of my favorite bands, Camera Obscura in a obscura...with pretty light!vaultlightThe show was awesome!!!After the show, we walked around the flea, looked at jewelry, and had ice cream.emeraldsWhen I got home, I played around with a new was a great weekend! :)Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!