sepia toned fairy tales

I have had the most amazing past few days. I was in Kansas City with some of the coolest people in the world - AND some of my best girls from college - for Brittanie's wedding. I haven't seen some of the girls in 2-3 years, but we picked up exactly where we left off. It was absolutely incredible!Before Ms. Bagby could become Mrs. Baker, we had many fun things to do!Starting with her underwear tree bachlorette party!...and a fun cocktail hour......where Britt was able to give Jesse a quick squish......before we took her out for the rest of the night!We went to an interesting part of KC and had our own private party!After dancing, we drank special cocktails. I think this was "the blushing bride.."After a day of rest, it was time for the practice round!The church had pretty windows!We went to the rehearsal dinner which had awesome southern food!And pretty swans by the lake. :) The little ring bearer and I admired them together!After the dinner, it was time to mingle with Brittanie's Atlanta crew back at the house....but not before we revisited a college tradition of each bringing a bottle of vino!Atlanta and Iowa crews hanging out!One of the coolest things was meeting all of Brittanie's other friends and family since our days at Iowa.We all got along "swimmingly!"This pool was awesome!(this whole "space" thing seriously makes me consider moving back to the midwest!)We woke up to the big day and had a catch up time with Brittanie.We finally got ready and we all looked beautiful!Brittanie kept her dress a secret the whole time. The only things we knew were that it was lace, that it was vintage, and she said it looked like it came from a sepia tone photo.We waited and all cried when we saw her!She was so beautiful.The flower girl said she looked like a princess, I agree.Some quick photos while waiting for the trolly!Off to the wedding!We make a pit-stop downtown to take some photos with the couple!I don't have photos of the wedding itself, but it was amazing. I lit the candles and read the petitions. Kristin, Brittanie's friend from Atlanta, sang the Lords Prayer and gave everyone chills. Brittanie and Jesse were surrounded by their friends and it was an absolutely perfect wedding.The night ended with all of us dancing on a rooftop in downtown Kansas City.BFFs!!We all threw popcorn while they skipped off to their honeymoon. :)I was thrilled to be part of their wedding as the candle lighter and petition reader!THANK YOU so much and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!High school sweethearts, best friends, and an awesome couple -- they have reminded me that fairy tales do exist!