city of hearts

Sometimes life is crazy, but with all the upcoming weddings (Brittanie!) and engagements (AJ!), I'm finding that love is in the air. And it's made its way to the city! Last night I went walking and thought about how lucky I am to have so many awesome people in my life!These photos are for all of you and how you remind me that all you need is love. :)Thank you. I <3 you all!**Wouldn't it be wonderful if traffic looked like this?Stop! In the name of love...or...walk to it!I am in a city connected by bridgesI wish they all had lights of hearts...Where will this path of hearts take me?Maybe people would like Shell more if they were filled with hearts...For those that love getting their nails done...I wish the subway always greeted me with hearts!Even Times Square felt the love...So did the theatre!Have a lovely day. :)