I love music, all kinds of it. I used to pretend I was some hipster and only into "hip" music, but these days I like anything that moves me. I also have guilty pleasures for the Backstreet Boys - hey, you never forget your childhood crushes!My favorite music has meaningful, smart lyrics and it's usually very girly. :) There are so many singer/songwriters, it's hard not to love all of them...I have many favorites - Maria Taylor, Azure Ray, Sara Barielles, just to name a few...A few years ago, I added another lovely to my list.Jaymaywith writing like this, how can you not love her?tell me yr story im liss'nin this timei can get us sunglasses n a bottle of winewe can sit on the carpet sit on the table or sit on the moon

Well I finally got to see her live! It was at a very small venue and it was soooooo good!
I tried refraining from being that "OMG, you're cool fan", but I was. And the venue was so small, it would have been silly for me not to say hello! I ran up to her, told her she was awesome, and got a photo!jaymayandkim
All smiles!!
I sent Jaymay the pics and she gave me a shout out on her facebook page!
totally cool! :)
I didn't go to the show alone, my friend Kim came with me.
Kim is my new co-team leader for the Art Explorers class I teach in Queens.
I'm so excited to have a co-team leader as awesome as she is! We have many common interests and it will be fun to make art.
We'll just see how the kids react to us both having the same name.
btw. Jaymay is playing again this Friday at Rockwood Music Hall! so if you're in NYC, I highly recommend seeing her.