love…'s my favorite thing in the's really all we so beautiful.A couple of years ago I did an photo project showing that love is all around.I believed it then.And I really believe it now -Love really is all around.I'm so thankful for the people in my life.You are all so wonderful to me.**dear lovelies - may your weekend be filled with love.starting with lovely smiles..toothpasteand your lovely coffee (or tea)...javaheartnotice how the world around you is filled with love...and magically spells it out..petals2notice the people around you - all filled with stories - and love of their own.these kind strangers spelled it out for me when i asked!timessquareenjoy some wine with your wine is good for the heart! (so i'm told)wine2love is cuddly, snuggly, warm, and so-so-wonderful.just like my cat. :)catbestyou are loved.xo

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