singing and sketching on tables

Every Wednesday, I sing in a choir in Greenwich Village. I love that neighborhood. It's probably my favorite in the city - I love the windy streets and pretending I live in beautiful townhouses. I imagine I'd own the whole thing, that I'd have an entire floor as an art studio with a couple of cats running around, and that all of my friends would live on the same street. The house would be filled with love, music, and awesome dinner parties.I love daydreaming.Choir is fun and often challenging. It makes me happy to know that I can still site read and hit high notes! I love the challenge of reading music and wish I would have paid more attention in college music theory classes - so I would understand all the types of cadences we are singing.After choir we go out as a group to this placed called, Tavern on the Jane. It is fun sketching on the tables and catching up with the group! I've enjoyed getting to know new members and hear choir love stories. Two of the members in our choir are married and met in a choir years ago! Adorable!!Here are a few of my sketches from last night (as seen through my iphone).I've been trying to train my eye again and sketch what I see.the buildings are from a painting that was on the wine adds some color!While waiting to walk, my friend and I were standing. He was doing some stretches. Since I'll be starting McKinze's Yoga challenge tomorrow, I figured I'd stretch on the sidewalk with him. In the stretch he was doing, one leg was crossed over his thigh, and he bent down on one leg.I tried this stretch, tumbling a hmm... (while struggling)... I'm not that balanced.Chris: I wish I could have recorded that.another speaking without thinking moment.Happy Thursday folks! We're almost done with the week! I've been working on some gifts using the Key West photos - I'll finish them tonight and hope to post tomorrow!

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