giving thanks

The older I get, the sappier I get. I'm sure of this. But I think that's alright. One of my favorite things about being in Iowa is being able to drive. Something about the open road clears my head. It gives me space to think and be. I listen to music, belt show tunes, look around (even after all this time, I know to watch for deer!), and I can't help but notice how beautiful Iowa is. It really is amazing. There's something about a sunset over an open cornfield that is really beautiful.As I was driving home from my thanksgiving with Dandeena, I teared up and thought about how thankful I was for everything:My friends, their quirks, my quirks, my emotions, birds, flowers, the sky and all its color, ditches, cornfields, the ocean, air, New York, Iowa, Oklahoma, Key West, memories, furry things, the Internet and it's ability to keep people connected, words and the way some stitch them together in prose or when quiet people throw out things that bring out a hearty laugh. My camera, music, good food, warmth, my health, this list goes on...But the most important thing I've been thinking about is family, and how thankful I am for the family I have created. I had an interesting childhood, some may call it traumatic, but the one thing I realized today is that I am DAMN lucky for everything I have. I am also thankful for my dad and the new people that surround him. There's a point when you realize that things can be okay and more importantly, that you want them to stay that way. I am here and I'm happy about this. I just want happiness for myself and those in my life.As a little girl, I liked to collect things, I had numerous trinkets and treasures. As an adult, I am still a collector -- less of objects (because there's no room in my tiny apartment) but more of my friends, stories, and all of our memories. So on that note, I am so thankful for all of you.So thank you all. For being wonderful, open, accepting, making me laugh, and constantly reminding me that I am enough, just as I am. And that while I can't change things, I shouldn't try because everything will naturally change on it's own. And it's even better that way.Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!