hyphens and apostrophes

Dear friend,I can't believe you got married a week ago! Seriously. And now with your hyphenated-apostrophe-happy name I'll never be able to forget it. I remember when we were childhood friends; chasing cats, dreams, and each other! How much fun did we have? Making up all of those stories? Haunted passage ways in old barns? Kitty birthday parties ("Breathing Problem" was your favorite cat and she loved you!) and weddings! And here we are, a little over a decade later and now YOU'RE married!!?!??!!That's freaking awesome. And wonderful. And s'marvelous!!!!!!**insert super sappy hug here**And I love your man. He's super sweet. Like sweet tea...with lots of sugar. ;)As your witness (I am so honored that I got to sign that paper) and someone that's grown up with you, I am so happy that you have someone so wonderful to grow old with. :) I am so happy for you two!I love you friend! And thanks for making sure I made it back to NYC alright.Here are a few photos from your special day (and the night before, how can we forget the free popcorn I scored) The highlight? Playing Sorry at the coffee house and drinking cheap champagne to celebrate. :)Much love to both of you and your damn hyphen-apostrophe-happy name. :) You know all of the good stuff that I wish for you - love, snuggles, and all that jazz :)xo**IMG_0982IMG_0980IMG_0977IMG_0966IMG_0952IMG_0956IMG_0985IMG_0994IMG_1000IMG_1022IMG_0897IMG_0901IMG_0898IMG_0915I love you friend!!What a wonderful day! And Melanie -- THANK YOU beautiful for taking photos! I can't wait to see what your camera brings! Calee -- it was great seeing you, thanks for stopping by (AJ and Roy, thanks for letting her!).And lastly. Freddy and Abby are such a delight. :)(he almost looks angelic here, like he won't mess with your Christmas tree!)IMG_0893IMG_0921Photo 41May your love bring you lots and lots of kitty squishes!xop.s. Dear Iowa. Please stay progressive!