wires and sunsets

Last week was one of those long, rough weeks with way too many thoughts swimming around my head. By the time the weekend came around, I was ready for a break from the city and my brain! Hayden and I ended up taking a little day trip adventure to Connecticut.To be honest, the town we went to wasn't that thrilling. It was full of wires, churches, and had a feel of a cute "historic" strip mall. Still, we parked the car and wandered the streets for a couple of hours. We were amused by curators at a museum and this little store full of Holland treasures where we tried strange licorice and I bought some cute glass figurines. I wished for warmer temperatures and more sunshine and we laughed as we drove up and down the street looking for the road to the beach. I laughed even harder while driving towards the colorful sky, when I thought of how miserable we could have been in a dark, cold park or beach and how we would have missed the breathtaking sky.Needless to say, we got back to the city feeling refreshed and excited for spring....the days are getting longer after all!***sunset photos taken by hayden*Hope you're all having lovely weeks as we get ready to welcome the weekend! It's going to be almost 60 in New York. Enjoy the weather, I know I'll be out!xoxo

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