june skies in brooklyn

I live off Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn. It's the loudest street I've ever lived on, with its lullaby of rambling trucks full of crates serenading me every night, forcing me to wear ear plugs (yes, truly) and pop a melatonin before entering a REM cycle. While it's hardly the quiet streets of the Upper East Side, it is my favorite place I've lived in New York. I live with my best friend, two cats, and a house full of creativity. Walking along this loud street, it's hard to imagine finding serenity. But the other night, I found it.It hung in the air as I walked towards the sunset to Bedford. It glowed on the buildings with birds enjoying the last bit of sun before the nightfall. It was on the lights of the scaffolding near a construction site. It was with the single red balloon floating through the sky.It was...there.And it was peaceful. And I realized, so was I.**I always wonder how shoes get to these wires. I imagine great stories are behind them. **Goodbye June. I welcome July with it's heat and lazy beach days.