Coney Island

We went to Coney Island for the Hot Dog Eating Contest which was perhaps one of the most disgusting and entertaining things I have ever seen. There even a contestant from Iowa (he did not win)! The mc for the event was extremely animated and funny. One of my favorite moments was when he said something about the event having the "quality of a high school production." The rest of the day consisted of wandering the boardwalk, lots of umbrellas, kites, ride observing, people watching and dining at a Russian restaurant. I also did some "volunteering" this weekend, which is quite different from what I normally do. We went to a sideshow where I participated in an act. I sat in an electric chair and had a light bulb and torch lit off my tongue! While I have no photos, I can tell you that I DID feel a spark when she lit the torch!Coney Island is a blast.