wails of the valley


I have been with the darkest parts of myself.

The parts filled with self-hatred, the ones that can't find kindness. The parts that think no matter what, I'm just not enough. Not creative enough, Not thin enough, not smart enough, not aware enough, not caring enough, not there enough. Just not enough.

These parts care far too much about what they, he, she, and you will think....But we all have our parts. They are what make us ... well us. They are raw. They are real.

And maybe...just maybe, it's better to stand face to face with these parts. To really sit with them, to hold their hand and remind them of kindness and light.

Tell them to grasp something...anything...and just hold on. Just be.

And maybe...just maybe, with enough   s p a c e  that tiny, stronger voice will come back. It will say, enough to those harsh voices and it will be okay.


a stronger you from another moment in time…