the last weekend of my 20s


IMG_6276IMG_6322IMG_6340He wins at karaoke. He was singing the theme song of Full House.IMG_6344IMG_6353IMG_6245IMG_6263IMG_6269IMG_6274IMG_6272I love this photo, we all look particularly crazy, but it was fun. 30thbday2//i love birthdays. i also love throwing parties and sending colorful emails to friends! my birthday weekend was wonderful. there was lots of sparkles!, singing, dancing, laughing, and mischief-making.i might be 30, but the truth is, i am perpetually going on 7.**pictured: lots of blurry, light-leak, crazy looking photos from a night of karaoke. not pictured: making "kindness cards" with the kids in volunteering. the idea was to write something nice about everyone attending. one of my volunteers received the best card ever—it read, "i notice your moustache." ♥ ice cream with the girls from mentoring (who were particularly nice after making their own "kindness cards")  ♥ getting my hair did by two of my fabulous friends—one was curling my hair, the other was adding glitter sparkle strands(!!)—at some point we started talking about relationships and julian (in his julian-way) pointed out that "it had become a hair salon." ♥ singing in my apartment before our A MUSICAL FLASH MOB! (video of the not-flash-mob-but-still-fun-performance to come...) ♥ watching all of my friends be creative and draw what kind of flower they represent in my garden (photos of the final piece to come...) ♥ losing the glitter sparkle strands all over the city ♥ plastering glitter butterflies and star tattoos on ourselves during dinner (for the record, the stars were way better) ♥ the final whisky shot that had me sleeping until 1:45 pm on sunday...i woke up to hayden asking, "doesn't your next party start in 15 minutes?" thankfully it was an "open house" and everyone showed up late.  all of the beautiful people that came to the open house and watching new friendships bloom ♥ the microwave cake from hayden on my actual birthday (around 12:30 am) that was pink and blue because we were watching frozen ♥ taking the day off to go to a yoga class (which was full of inversions) and painting dreamy little worlds to play in. ♥*thank you to all of my amazing friends for making this birthday super special**full set*