I am no stranger to impermanence and all of the feelings that "change" brings about, but there was something about 2018 that made me embrace the inevitability of this in a way that I never have before. The most challenging moments, ended up being the most beautiful teachings.

In September I started a letter to a friend that I didn't finish, I was writing it to calm my nerves while I was at the passport/immigration office getting my U.S. Citizenship! I recently opened to it and found the following...

But sometimes life can be so exhausting it's hard to pause and find the gentle way through, but maybe it's about surrendering to those hard moments, letting them wash over us and sinking into them. Somehow there we can find the gentle current that will pull us through. 

I think that's exactly what 2018 was about. Surrendering. Letting go. Trying to embody impermanence.

Every time I did this, instead of resisting the hard stuff, I would soften more. I could feel into the magic that is our interconnectedness. The love that really does exist and my heart would swell with gratitude. I became grateful for change itself.

Gratitude for the friend that is time passing. This made me more grateful for joyous moments, while they were happening. I would breathe a little deeper, feel a little more.

The learning is lifelong, but in this very moment, I am so grateful for my experience in this form. For growth, for the garden of friends, for silly songs, furry creatures, and all the beings. For all of the connections seen and unseen.

Happy holidays friends.
Wishing you all of the love.♥ 

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