Nature's glitter

Hello lovelies,

It is past my bed time, but I am waiting for Santa to arrive....haha...just kidding. Although, I am certainly in the holiday spirit. How could I not be with all of the holiday movies on repeat!? Seriously, I think Elf played three times during our amazing dinner.

I'm currently in Wisconsin where it is the prettiest winter wonderland ever. There is SO. MUCH. SNOW (aka "nature's glitter" per my revelation this morning!) which makes me happy since the past few days of global warming winter in New York have been - quite frankly - freaking. me. out. (okay...given that it's Christmas the b*t*h-fest will stop here)

So.....dear friends, I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe!) holiday filled with friends, family, good food, laughter (!!), pretty lights, funny animals playing in wrapping paper or chasing bows, perhaps an afternoon nap, singing (!) and so many love sparkles you can hardly stand it. More than this, I hope you take a moment to soak it all in. In the midst of opening presents, drinking coffee or mimosas, and singing carols -- STOP whatever you are doing, look around, notice something, and freaking embrace all. of. it. Because THAT the best present of all of them. No need to instagram or facebook it. Just live it. Merry Christmas/festivus/whatever you celebrate.

Happy day everyone.♥♥