A little video of my favorite moments from 2013

* so for those dear friends that aren't in this video, i hope you know that i adored our moments just as much. even if they aren't here. 


There's about a zillion things I could say about this past year. There were moments that were so freaking wonderful, I couldn't even put words to them. There were some that were equally as tough and also have no words, but they probably wouldn't be for sharing anyway.

The end of a year is always interesting. There's a collective pause and thoughts are gathered. Memories are revisited and promises are set for the upcoming year. What's lovely is that everyone has something different. Some choose to share them, some choose to keep them close. I'm one of those people that's annoyingly behind a camera. I like looking through the lens and capturing moments. I love pretty things and animals and I'm sure I take the same shots every year. Except this year, I started taking little videos. I don't shoot everything, because that would be way too much and there wouldn't be much room for actual living*.

But when I looked back to see what I had, I realized that while 2013 certainly had some patches of just going through it, it was also filled with much, much more. For that, I am ever grateful.

Happy New Year. ♥