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goodness and gold


There are so many stories of pain in this world. My heart breaks for all of the senseless shootings, environmental destruction, our endless need for consumption, and the list of hurts could go on ... BUT! 

I really believe that if we could all just pause...
allow for more
s  p  a  c  i  o  u  s  n  e  s  s
feel into our breath, we'd remember that we are *all* connected.
To this earth and to each other.

I may not have any answers for the world's issues, but I can be a light and send well-wishes and hope this positive energy can make a difference.


I am thankful for the train ride to the expansive mountains. They provide a sense of renewal and remind me to keep believing in love and goodness for all living beings.

Full set of photos here and a beautiful read on re-thinking the need to fight violence with violence.