“Release” Art Show: Opening Reception~ October 2, 2009


I recently curated my very first art show for the CCCP Gallery in the Satellite State Room.

Join us for the opening reception of the shows.Friday, October 2, 20097-9:00 pm

A bit about the shows

In the Satellite State Room:

"Release" Group Show

Life is turbulent. Ups and downs, moments of spinning. I've had a lot of this lately, but have found art to be wonderful way for me to release....I'd like to see how others have "released" through the turbulence of life.

October 2nd to November 1st

Kim Kullmer -Curator

"Release" Artists: Jennie Booth, Jane Hugentober, Lisa Inman, Kim Kullmer, Rebecca Sherman, Katie Steward, Matthew Van Alstine

Harvest of Dreams will be featured in the main gallery

"Harvest of Dreams 2009"

An eclectic multi medium group show -

Curator- J. A. Holt

Artists:Peter Dolack, Gilbert Giles, JM Theisen de Gonzalez, Christopher Pierro, Thomas Thomson, Erin Walworth, Stephen Woods

About C.C.C.P. Gallery

Featuring established, emergent and student artists working in various styles (Representational, Abstract, Surreal, etc-) and mediums (Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, etc-)

Gallery hours: Fridays- 3 to 8 (ish) PM, Saturday + Sunday- Noon till 6 PM.

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