and the art flows…


hayden and i had a great work day. i painted, he wrote, we exchanged ideas, and grooved to florence and the machine. i am feeling super excited about art! i have some new ideas floating around my head, i just need an entire month of weekends to do them!

process and flow-this piece has taken me a few months. it started off as something completely different, but after leaving it on my wall for 5 months (literally), i finally figured what i wanted to do with it. i think one day i woke up saw something new and/or different and i've been working on it every chance i can since then.

this is usually how i work with my paintings. i start something because i feel like doing art, but i realize it's not quite good enough. so i put it on my wall and stare at it until i figure it other cases (the new pieces in my head) i will sketch it out until i have the layout, and go from there. (the prom dress piece was also very planned)sometimes (rare cases), i can just paint what i'm feeling/thinking/realizing about a person/moment and after a bit, i can step back and the piece is done. there was one time, i did a piece in a few hours and it's been one of my favorites ever since. my friend asked me to do a piece for her family as a moving present for their new house. they had gone through some difficult times which i could relate to, and the piece just came naturally. to this day, the family still loves it!so here are some pictures of this piece and it's transition. it's not quite finished, but it's almost there. i was just excited about it and had to share!

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