firework flower

I had the best birthday week and it ended with a bang!Last Friday, Kristen and Anthony took me out to dinner. We went to Tangra in Queens. It was a fusion of Indian and Asian. The ambiance was a little strange, but definitely unforgettable. I couldn't tell if I was in a museum, a palace, or a grandmother's house.Kristen also surprised me with a strawberry cake!It was beautiful and personalized!P4093784It even had three-layers!It was also amazingly tasty!The cake was a sweet ending to my birthday week, but the way the cake was presented to me was really the icing of the whole week!**Imagine being in conversation--slightly tired from a long work week--and all of a sudden hearing the background noise stop and switch to a loud-techno-Indian-beat. The waiter brought me my three-layered cake with an enormous candle and an entourage of people singing behind him. That was only the beginning! Once he lit the candle; the flame burst up like a firework, opened up into a flower, and started spinning and playing "happy birthday."**Kristen took some amazing photos and they really captured the moment (and my surprise!)fireflower2It was really hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing--we also couldn't get the flower to stop singing--until the waiter disconnected the wire.Thank you both very much for an unforgettable birthday!P4093806

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