Self Expression

Kristen asked me to create a visual piece for this event tonight. The event itself will be interesting. It's a combination of meditation, dance, music, movement, and art. She asked me to visually represent the color "Green" , it's relation to love, and the heart chakra.After a few weeks of struggling, my final "piece" is actually about my creative process in making it.It's a reflection of my thoughts on love, self-love, healing, green, and in the end it's just bigger and happier exploding book.The actual installation is difficult to describe, but it will be a heart hanging from a tree...*the heart*...Which will be filled with thoughts and flower petals...*thoughts*...And underneath it, the petals and notes will fall into a basket and a bouquet of live flowers with be ribbons coming out in six points (the six points of the heart chakra). The idea is that you have to find "self love" before anything else can work.As I get ready for the installation, it makes me wonder if this is art and how it will relate to the "audience" of this event? Since it's really just my "self expression", I may be the only one that can understand it. I suppose we'll see!At least it was fun to make!And I had some great help.Until she was too tired.Happy Friday!

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