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only love

I tried finding a quote to express my gratitude, but I couldn't.

My feelings are hard to put into words; they are a bundle of nerves carried inside this body. A brain capable of stringing too many words together in long sentences. Excitement rushes through me and my fingers click away, but the truth is that there are many ways for me to express this love.

I hope that I am lucky enough to have years upon years to say it simply, to say it softly, and to dance it out.

pictured: photos of us on the Williamsburg bridge moments after Brendan proposed! 
not pictured: the little jumping beans that were in my heart the moment it happened (and
YES, I was surprised!), how tired and excited we were because the length of our walk home doubled since I had to stop and kiss him every five seconds, and how hard it was to walk through the apartment quietly when all I really wanted to do was sing and dance and twirl the cats in happiness.