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fleeting like a butterfly

This life...Is fleeting like a butterfly.Last night I realized how lucky I am. This life I have is really full. And even though there are times I am lonely, I know that they fade. Everything changes, even those dark moments. But walking home from yoga I realized how free I am. I have no real responsibilities other than the goals I want for myself. Right now those are excelling at work and creating art. And lately music too. Maybe one of these days I'll actually learn a language, to knit, and be better at paying attention the news. But it's the little things that count, like listening to NPR on my walk to the train and buying old books on street corners.

Last night when showering, I realized how much I would miss not living with Hayden someday and when he locks the cat in the bathroom with me (she likes this). I would miss that hole in the ceiling and laughing about the series of landlords named "Frank" we've had for the past few months.It made me realize that I don't need to rush out of this life because sooner than I probably realize, it too, will change.

Life is beautiful (despite the shorter days and the upcoming fall).