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microscopic seconds

It's quite grey in New York today. The buildings, the sky, the sidewalk.grey, gray, grey (both are acceptable spellings, you know...)but i've already noticed the shift of light. the days are starting to get e v e r - so - s l i g h t l y   longer.yup. they are.microscopic seconds longer - yes - but longer.Hope you are all having a wonderful, wonderful day!

singing in the rain...

390215113_cd6af8322e*source*Sometimes my seven-year self gets the better of me and I just want to play.  So last week when the skies opened and the streets got crowded with puddles, I didn't hide under an awning.In fact before leaving Vintage Attic on Metropolitan I asked for an extra plastic bag. I turned my music up and threw the phone into the bag (I realize it's probably not terribly safe to run around in rain with headphones, but I just wanted a fun soundtrack to my mischievousness.)I left the store and skipped and danced and waved my arms around the whole way home. As the rain heavily poured onto my shoulders and the plastic bag with my phone (clutched tightly in my hand), I felt lighter and free.At that point, I jumped - quite literally - into the puddles.There's something about the rain that is so, so refreshing.